Solo Build It!'s Proven Process and How It Works

Ideas, hobbies, passion and knowledge... your business starts with what you know and love.

You have the desire and a lifetime of experiences. In order to turn them into an online business, you need the right guidance and tools. SBI! was built for this.

People often forget that building an online business requires proper research and planning — that somehow these basic principles do not apply online. In fact, the majority of the industry tries to convince you of it!

Consider the countless ads about how you can just put up a website (or blog), and how people are going to magically come to your site. Not true. This is why most folks who are lured by all the "start a business in under 10 mins" ads do not succeed.

You wouldn't rent a storefront before doing the market research to ensure you'll have the best chance for success. So why would you register a domain name and start building a website before knowing if enough people are looking for your information?

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Your Online MBA
The Solo Build It! Action Guide

Successful Solo Build It! members describe the SBI! Action Guide as "the equivalent of getting your MBA online." When you see all that's covered in the learn-as-you-go Action Guide, you'll likely find that statement to be accurate.

The Solo Build It! Action Guide pulls all the important business-building information you need into one place. It leads you through the C T P M! process (discussed below) that's been proven to work by thousands of successful members.

As you make your way through the Action Guide, you'll develop a hands-on understanding of online business and how it really works. You'll...

  • understand the potential customer behind your growing traffic stats
  • establish a respected brand
  • grow a business that delivers both income and equity.

Perfect Preparation
"Niching the Niche"

Discovering your niche, then refining it to make sure that it fits your goal, is the key to any successful and sustainable business. This is where the Solo Build It! process starts.

Following the Action Guide, you will begin by using our exclusive Brainstorm It! module — the world's first smart brainstorming tool. Brainstorm It! lets you find potential Site Concepts for profitable niches for your new online business, then it helps you choose and perfect the best niche to achieve your goal.

If you only have a general idea of your niche, or even if you have no clear idea, Brainstorm It! will help you explore until you know. Pick the one that's right for you (i.e., according to your passion, knowledge, available time, and intended monetization options). This puts you ahead of 90% of all online content creators.

Step-by-step, the Action Guide and Brainstorm It! will ensure that your idea is both something that works for you, and is in-demand.

With your niche selected, you can now move confidently through the business-building process.

The Process Explained

Solo Build It! uses a process that's been proven by thousands of successful online business owners over the last 20+ years. Here's how it works...


People search for information and solutions using keywords. Searching on Google, social media, news aggregators (Reddit), Q&A sites (Quora) and visual platforms (Pinterest), they're looking for an endless variety of knowledge and guidance.

You have information others want. Share it with them! How? Hone in on your knowledge and convert it into Content that people will find as they search.


Your Content gets found (in search) or discovered (on social media). It attracts free, interested visitors. These visitors form your Traffic — folks who visit pages you've written on the very topic they want to know more about.


Visitors to your website develop trust and confidence in you as you share what they need to know — relevant, original, topical information. We call this Preselling — think of it as building your "brand of one."

As you draw people in with your well written, informative niche content, they'll not only follow you and return for additional content, they will increasingly be more open to clicking on ads, following your recommendations, or buying your products/services.


Now that your Content is getting a high volume of people to your site (Traffic), and you begin building their trust (Presell), it's time to convert their visits into income (Monetize). This is known as "monetizing" — it's only effective once you have successfully built "C T P."

C T P is the motor that drives M. Going for the money too soon — while tempting — is where you'll either make it or you won't. The "M" is at the end for good reason.

Once you have your own Presold traffic, you're in control. The next step is to execute a diversified set of income-generating options that maximize income, growth and stability.

Key Takeaway

Start at the beginning — Content. Don't start at the end — Monetization.

So many people spend time and energy setting up a shopping cart and a merchant account or some other way of "making money." That's putting the (shopping) cart before the horse (Presold traffic).

Monetization comes last... it's the final result of doing everything else in the C T P process correctly.

Deliver Content, which builds Traffic, which is Presold. Then, you're ready to Monetize.

Action Guide Contents

The Action Guide helps you lay a solid foundation for your business. It integrates the use of SBI!'s tools, enabling you to move efficiently through each of the steps. Just follow the entire process, step by step...

The 10-DAY BIG Picture

The concept of "10 DAYs" and C T P M! uncovered.

Master the ALL-Important Basics

Build the foundation of your business right, right now.

Develop Your Best Site Concept

Your business success rides on this decision.

Profitable Topics

Your "Site Content Blueprint" in hand.

Investigate & Plan
Monetization Options

Let's show you the money.

Refine Site Concept
& Register Domain Name

It's major decision time!

Build a Site
That Gets the Click!

Construction gets underway.

Build Free Traffic
From a Variety of Sources

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

Develop Your
Online Relationships

Deepen Preselling.

Know Your Visitors

Traffic knowledge is power.

DAY 10

Maximize profits.

The Solo Build It! Action Guide comes in different formats — written and video (recordings from presentations done on Zoom). Choose the best version for you — or use both!

At Your Side
Every Step of the Way

THe Solo Build It! Action Guide

Continually updated and optimized, the Action Guide is a true expert-in-your-ear — the smartest guide in the room. And your learning and support don't stop there...

Solo Build It! also includes a massive library. Use what you need... guides on how to use Twitter, Pinterest, how to develop content/write better. Learn more about every business-building topic imaginable.

This vast library of tips and techniques covers everything from marketing and building traffic, to design and advanced site-building, to how to develop products of your own to sell.

No other website builder is so focused on your success.

SBI! Support

Each and every one of our support staff are SBIers. They not only know the product, they are the customer.

Joining SBI! means more than receiving empathetic support. You also have access to the Help and Be Helped SBI! Forums — the warmest and most knowledgable group of solopreneurs anywhere.

Both SBIers and Solo Build It! staff makes sure your questions are answered. So if you're stuck, you're never alone. Just ask. Someone is always there to help out.

Put Your Future in Your Own Hands

Get started with Solo Build It! today. If you find that it's not for you, for any reason, you don't lose a thing. Cancel at any time and request a refund, no reason needed.

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