Solo Build It!'s Powerful Features

SBI! is the process, tools and support that power your ideas into income. For real. Unlike others who show you how to build a site, then leave you waiting for traffic that never comes, we teach you and stick with you for the entire process of creating a profitable business online.

We provide the education, process, and effective, easy-to-use tools; in easy-to-follow steps to help ensure your success from start to viability — and even further growth.

No lures, come-ons or bait-and-switch. No upsell to a "premium" or "platinum" package...

Solo Build It! Is Your Personal Online Business Consultant 24/7

Online Business MBA

Solo Build It! Action Guide

The Action Guide pulls the information you need into one place, and leads you through a straightforward, integrated, step-by-step process that works.

Tools & Modules

Solo Build It! Tools

Constant updating keeps every one of SBI!'s 80+ modules on the cutting edge. No more clunky installs. No more wasting time on "must-have" plugins or tool. If it helps your business, it's here.

Support & Community

Solo Build It! Support

24/7 support for all your questions and needs. And access to the SBI! forums, the most helpful, noise-free, business-minded community anywhere — you may be solo, but you're never alone!

Your passion becomes a business that motivates, inspires, and generates income and a new way of life.

Thousands of SBI! solopreneurs have done it. Where can SBI take you?

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What Do You Get When You Purchase Solo Build It!?

From researching business ideas, to monetizing in up to 15 different ways — every tool, strategy, and step is included in SBI!.

Perfect Preparation

Brainstorm It! 5

Introducing Your New Creative Business Partner

(Included in both Solo Build It! and Solo Build It! for WP)

From the company that first developed the concept of content sites based on keyword research, the new Brainstorm It! 5 is the world's first smart brainstormer, niche-picker, and keyword researcher.

Based on your knowledge, experience or topics of interest, Brainstorm It! delivers dozens and dozens of possible Site Concepts for your new business. You'll never be at a loss for ideas!

Most solopreneurs fail to prepare adequately.

But not SBIers! Before creating your very first web page, you will...

  • research what terms ("keywords") visitors search for in your target market
  • know the competitive landscape and how to address it, and
  • plan how to monetize (there are many ways to make money online that you may not even know about).

Watch How Brainstorm It! Makes ALL The Difference!

Site Concept Finder

Brainstorm It! uses its Site Concept Finder to bring back hundreds of keywords for 3 possible Site Concepts, all at once. Compare all three side-by-side with a wide range of filters that determine which of the three is your best potential Site Concept. Take into account probable profitability and the time you have available — and there's your business niche!

Blueprint It!

Once you've found your perfect niche, then researched and narrowed down your list of keywords... it's time for structure. Blueprint It! is an intuitive, simple-to-use drag and drop module that allows you to plan and visualize your website's navigation structure. Integrated directly within Brainstorm It!, it allows you to arrange your keywords, which will become page topics for your site, into tiers.

Blueprint It! replaces time-consuming third-party spreadsheets and mind maps, or writing lists or diagrams on paper. It's all there for you, and it couldn't be quicker or easier to use.

Advanced Brainstorming

  • Two Lateralizing Brainstormers
    These two brainstormers push Brainstorm It! beyond third-party keyword tools costing $500+. (SBI!'s entire suite of tools consists of much more than this keyword software, as outlined on this page. Yet SBI!'s price is only $329.99.)
  • The Ultimate Verticalizer
    This brainstormer uses the "collective wisdom" of the entire Web and SBI!. How? It uses every last SBI! resource that generates keywords. The Ultimate Verticalizer is the most comprehensive index of real, human-generated keywords that exists.

    It literally brings back 10-20 times more keywords than every other third-party keyword tool (including Wordtracker's and Google's) combined! It discovers and returns to you every keyword that contains your "Site Concept keyword," with additional invaluable data.

Site Info

Obtain a complete competitive review for any keyword. One click automates a process that only pros know how to do (and it takes them a whole lot longer). The information summarized for you from 100 sites for every keyword? Priceless.

Alexa Integration

We've integrated Alexa's powerful suite of APIs into modules that bring back reams of invaluable information about competitors.

Niche Choose It!

Niche Choose It! is an invaluable tool that enables an SBI! member to flawlessly choose the very best Site Concept possible for his/her Theme-Based Content Site, along with the best possible domain name. No factor is overlooked by Niche Choose It!.

Search It!

Want to find free-to-use images for your site? Need to know which Facebook pages are posting about your niche, or which local businesses are your real competitors?

No problem! Our Search It! tool constantly updates information to provide you with more than 100 possible searches across 20 categories, so that you have the best, the most up-to-date, the highest quality facts you could wish for.

It’s the ultimate e-commerce searching machine.

Build and Manage Your Website

(Included in Solo Build It!)

The C in C T P M is where your business succeeds. Getting "Content" right means focusing on it, not on the tools of the trade. SBI!'s suite of building and managing tools allows you to do just that... focus on your content, not on the technical ins and outs of putting it on the Web.

Domain Name

You choose your domain name. We register it for you (in your name). One click and you're done. Like everything else, the domain name is included in the price. No third-party extra charges.

Website Hosting

No need for you to pay for hosting. State of the art web hosting and email for a full year are included in SBI!. Fast, secure, ultra-reliable. Unlimited pages. Unlimited images. Unlimited bandwidth.

Name Park It!

Park a domain name for planned later use, protection of your main domain name, redirects, and "accidental traffic". The $14.99 annual fee per domain name includes a domain-redirect and unlimited subdomain-redirects.


SBI! includes a fully integrated email system for your business. If you prefer to use Gmail (or another mail service or software) to manage your website mail, you can easily integrate SBI! with your favorite system.

Site Designer

Stunning Templates — Infinite Possibilites

Solo Build It! Templates

Whatever your site and graphics talents (or lack of!), SBI! has you covered with dozens of themes, created by different designers for a super-wide range of looks. And of course they're mobile ready, and look great on all devices.

As you design your business identity, you can easily customize any element in your chosen theme using intuitive, simple to use tools.

If you're an advanced designer, you're free to upload your own HTML, CSS, images, etc., directly into SBI!'s system.

Solo Build It!'s BlockBuilder'

Building Business, One Simple Block At A Time

Building sites can be an intimidating mystery to beginners. And so many who have built sites have business-damaging bad habits. SBI!'s unique BlockBuilder painlessly trains you to build pages that both engines and humans love!

If you know how to drag and drop, you can build an effective site, full of content that people want and that engines rank highly. No need for HTML, Perl, FTP, or JavaScript.

Customized Mobile Experience

A unique click-easy feature in BlockBuilder that allows you to show (or hide) items on your pages specifically for mobile devices, or desktop, or both.

Simply choose the page item, and select which device to display it on. The result is a site that provides easy-to-access information for your visitors regardless of how they see it.

Use Your Own HTML Tools

Already using an HTML editor? Photoshop? CSS? Simply upload your pages into SBI! and enter a new world that's far beyond traditional hosting.

The difference is that you can plug it all straight into the SBI! system and take full advantage of all of SBI!'s integrated keyword-brainstorming-and-researching, traffic-building and relationship-building tools.

Page Manager and Image Manager

Page Manager and Image Manager enable you to manage your pages and images effortlessly, without knowing anything about techie issues like File Transfer Protocol.

For example, you can arrange and rearrange your images into folders without changing URLs. Arrange them how you want them. Leave the techie parts to us.

Content 2.0

Content 2.0 enables every visitor to your site to create web pages (with text and images) right on your site. Far more than a "review," full pages of user-generated content (UGC) attract more natural search engine traffic.

Each new page your visitors create is automatically categorized and linked within your site for optimal search engine results.

Automated Blogging

SBI! makes blogging easy, automatically adding your site's content to a blog format, then creating an RSS feed so people can subscribe to it. You have nothing to do (except click a button to turn on this free option!). The benefit is great, the cost to you (in time and money) is zero.

Regular Blogging

You can also plug a full WordPress or any other kind of blog straight into your SBI! site. In general, most small-business people can realize a superior "Return on Investment" by creating a niche-based content site rather than by blogging. But if you want or need to add one, you can.

Reusable Blocks

A simple, unique, no-code-needed approach to what techies call "server-side includes." This awesome feature allows you to designate and save blocks of content (text, images, etc.) into a library for reuse on other pages.

When you update or edit the common content on any one of your pages, SBI! updates all pages that contain that reusable block for you. A massive time-saving feature!

Site Health

Site Health is your virtual system administrator! Click a button and it scans your website for problems like broken links, broken images, and unsecure resources. Site Health then creates a report and alerts you to take action.

A clean site is not only important for your visitors, it's an important factor for how well your site ranks in the search engines.

Traffic-Building Systems

(Included in Solo Build It!)

Traffic is the lifeblood of your Web business. No visitors = no business. Without SBI!, most small business sites fail to build their own free, targeted traffic. So they have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per month for visitors (e.g., by buying ads from Google Ads or paying high store rents, etc.).

SBI!'s advanced combination of process-and-tools is at its best when it comes to building free and targeted traffic. What's technically impossible for most, SBI! handles in the background, enabling you to focus on turning free traffic into business.

Analyze It!

SBI!'s unique process analyzes each web page just before you build it. It tells you, in simple language, how to optimize the page to obtain high search engine rankings. This expert advice is merely the first step in the generation of high amounts of free traffic.

Automatic Search Engine Tracking

SBI! tracks and reports on when search engine spiders visit each of your pages, and when each page is listed on the three major search engines. If it's taking too long, or if a page is dropped, it even tells you and offers suggestions on what to do about it.

Automatic Search Engine Pinging

SBI! automatically pings (a technical protocol for informing) all major search engines every time an SBI! member adds, changes or deletes a page. No fuss, No muss.

Only SBI! helps your site get listed at more engines for more pages, faster. And if you don't understand any of this, that's the point — you shouldn't have to.

And with SBI!, you don't have to.

Automatic Search Engine Sitemap Creation

We automatically submit your entire site to search engines every time you update anything. It's done by something called a Sitemap XML file — another techie thing you don't need to worry about. And the sitemap includes every image on every page, so the engines always know about them as well.

How much time, energy and money does it cost to update and re-submit your sitemap document? Nothing. SBI! does it all for you.

Introduced by Google, SBI! was the first to take advantage of this protocol. When Yahoo! adopted it, SBI! had all SBI! members benefiting from this new version within days.

Since then, modifications have occurred as all major engines adopted this technical protocol. SBI! makes it easy to take care of all matters like this (e.g., site ownership verification protocols) so SBI! members can focus on business.

Search Engine Reports

SBI! reports on how each page ranks for your keywords at each engine. Certain pages not ranking well? SBI! tells you, in simple language, exactly what to do to rank higher.

SBI! does much more than give the engines complete information about the pages of your site, exactly the way they want it. It tracks all their spider visits. It checks that pages are indexed. SBI! reports rankings, too.

In other words, you have a constantly up-to-date snapshot of your "search engine marketing" efforts and results. And it does all this for your pages... at no extra charge. No other service does all this free.

Plus — we constantly update this process. No wonder SBI! members "Top 0.5% outperform" their competitors.

Traffic Stats and Click Analysis

Traffic stats are presented in an easy-to-understand, useful, and actionable format. We've even made it easy to integrate Google's free Google Analytics into each page of your site.

SBI!'s Click Analysis is unique. Critical info is available about visitors who click into and out of your site, offering vital insight into user behavior and how to increase visitor monetization.

State-of-the-Web Private Traffic Headquarters

Search Engine HQ, Image Search HQ, Local Search HQ, as well as Video Search and Shopping Search provide the most current, bottom-line, up-to-date information that you need and the functionality to generate more traffic and report how you're doing.

No need to pay for expensive newsletters and reports. No need to spend time reading anything else. The HQs are all that you need.

Trust-Building Tools

(Included in Solo Build It!)

Complete strangers develop trust and confidence in you. Why? You "Presell" by OVERdelivering what they seek... relevant, original information. Then deepen the relationship. Deepening your "Brand of One" has never been easier with the following special, integrated modules...

Email Newsletter Publishing

Create custom newsletters using the mail builder is a snap. Add the signup form to any of your pages by simply dragging a block.

Deliver great content to subscribers through your own newsletter. It builds trust. It credentializes you. And it ultimately causes visitors to know you, like you and do business with you. SBI!'s MailOut Manager includes...

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance
    All forms in Solo Build It!, including newsletter signup forms, feature GDPR-compliant checkboxes.
  • SpamCheck
    Never worry about Google, Yahoo Mail, Outlook or any other mails system mistaking your email for spam. SpamCheck will tell you exactly what to do to improve your email before you send it out.
  • OpenRate Report
    OpenRate reports on both the number of subscribers who open each issue of your newsletter, and the percentage. It's an invaluable window into the desires and behavior of your subscribers. Deliver newsletters that are opened!

Or integrate with Mailchimp or AWeber. This allows you to use the Site Designer-customized newsletter opt-in form to build your list. No more struggling to make the Mailchimp form's look match your site's look.

Form Build It! / Autoresponders

The ultimate in both data collection and delivery. Build surveys and polls. Collect data, feedback, and leads. Earn referral fees for each lead that your form sends to a partner. Filter and analyze data. Send courses via a series of scheduled emails (a "sequential autoresponder") that Presells your expertise. Then sell your products or services.

Each form has an option you can include that lets your visitors sign up for your newsletter with one click of their mouse.

Blog It!

Blog It! adds every page of your SBI! site to a blog page. This is a powerful way to distribute your website to the world, and requires no heavy additional "dedicated blog commitment."

Socialize It!

Socialize It! gives your visitors the opportunity to share your OVERdelivering content with their friends and family. It places a set of buttons (choose from just Facebook and Twitter, or a "7-pack" of the most popular social media platforms) on every content page on your site.

And to encourage bloggers and webmasters to give the page a link, Socialize It! provides some ready-made HTML code that they can copy and paste into an article or web page.

Face It!

Face It! combines Facebook's viral sharing power with SBI!'s ease of use. With a few mouse clicks, you can add Facebook Like buttons to your content pages. And you can have those buttons allow Likes for your pages, or for your site as a whole.

Face It! can also add Facebook's commenting tool to your content pages. This allows anyone (not just Facebook users) to add a comment to your page. Facebook users have the option of posting the comment to their timeline, where all their friends will see it, which rapidly spreads the word about your great content.

Worried about spam commenting? Face It! gives you the tools to create moderators for your comments!

With two billion Facebook users, Face It! gives you the tools to tap into that huge market to get the word out about your site.

Facebook's Open Graph Tags

Facebook's Open Graph tags have become important as more services use them (Facebook, Google, ShareThis, etc.).

SBI! adds Open Graph tags to every page of your site, automatically. The only thing you have to do is create a Site Name.

SBI! even adds multiple og:image tags. If an image meets several criteria that ensure it will be interesting to visitors, SBI! creates a tag and adds it to the head section of the page. Automatically!

Pin It!

If your niche is image-intensive, your visitors will want to pin your photos to their Pinterest boards. Pin It! makes it one-click easy!

Social Button Integration

Twitter Follow

Do you use Twitter to engage with others? Add a Twitter Follow button with one click and your Twitter handle.

Pinterest Follow

Make it easy for visitors to follow you on Pinterest. One click and your Pinterest username are all it takes.


The M in C T P M is where it all pays off.

In one sense, every SBI! module is a monetization module. Brainstorm It! (telling you the most profitable keywords) literally points you to "where the money is." Among Search It!'s 100+ searches are several monetization options — e.g., find affiliate programs in your niche. Form Build It! allows visitors to contract your services. And they're just three examples.

The SBI! modules all lead to the same goal: a profitable business. But that's just the beginning. Consider the possibilities...

Private Monetization Headquarters

Most small business websites fail because they do not draw traffic. SBI! members, though, create Top 0.5% traffic sites. And the private Monetization HQ is a world-class resource that shows SBI! members how to convert all those visitors into dollars.

Filled with constantly updated articles that explain the "how-to" of every monetization model possible, it enables you to maximize per-visitor income by establishing and growing multiple streams of income.

Infin It!

Infin It! truly adds near infinite options by enabling you to plug third-party resources into special areas ("subdomains") of your SBI! site. Whatever you want, you can do, from the C to the M of C T P M.

Use it to amplify the C of C T P M with more content (e.g., blogs or forums or wikis or video, etc.). Or harness that motor (i.e., get more M dollars out of it!) by plugging more and more Monetization models (e.g., stores/shopping carts, membership sites) into your SBI! site.

Guidance and Support

(Included in both Solo Build It! and Solo Build It! for WP)

Even perfect preparation, excellent processes and all the tools can fail if you don't have a helping hand when you need one. SBI! offers much more than support, and it does so with genuine care for your success...

Action Guide

It's literally like having the world's top Internet experts whispering over your shoulder, helping you every step of the way. The Action Guide leads you, clearly and cleanly, all the way to where you need to go. Read the text version (on your computer or mobile device), or watch the video version of the Action Guide.

Make It!

Successful solopreneurs discover that passive income models (e.g., AdSense and affiliate programs) don't maximize traffic monetization. More and more are developing their own products, delivering much higher margins and taking back total control of their sites (no need to fear new Google rules, being dropped from AdSense, or being terminated from an affiliate program, such as the wide-scale Amazon chops).

Make It! is the "Action Guide" for developing your very own products. It covers it all... conceiving, creating, developing, making, marketing, selling, distributing and supporting a product that you own 100%. Income increases, as does your business's equity (i.e., its value when you sell it). When you control how you monetize 100%, you're no longer dependent on anyone but you!

Integrated Online Help

Context-appropriate, only-as-you-need-it online help guides you, step by step, from zero-knowledge to as far as you want to go.

SBI! Xpress Newsletter

We boil down the best information, from over 100 Internet marketing sites, blogs, digital newsletters and feeds, reducing it all to a few strong strategies that work. Only the key info you must know, along with clear instructions on how to get the most out of those strategies.

Private Tips and Techniques Headquarters

No need to read endlessly to "keep up." We constantly update this HQ with new and important info, and delete old information.

Our collection of cutting edge articles represents the best from the Web, outstanding posts from the SBI! forums, top new articles by Ken Evoy, every important new development... it's all here.

Private Monetization Headquarters

Wondering how to monetize your site? This HQ covers over 15 ways to make money from your content, including AdSense and other advertising, promoting products as an affiliate, selling your own digital or hard goods, and much more.

Private Resources Headquarters

This HQ provides "Consumer-Reports-style" best-of-breed recommendations on specialized third-party tools, saving you time and money.

SBI! accepts no money for these recommendations. They really are the best. Whenever possible, we negotiate price reductions for SBI! members instead of accepting affiliate commissions or payment of any kind.

Unlimited Customer Support

Need help? We're standing by 24x7, with personalized one-to-one help. The same support person stays with you from start to finish... no frustrating start-over with different people.

Private Forums

The single best small business, help-and-be-helped resource in the world. SBI!'s community of users share their special ideas, discoveries and strategies. Some ideas increase productivity, others add extra income streams.

Over 70 forums cover every conceivable business-building subject. This extraordinary community of motivated "work smarter and harder" small-business people is "The Place For Friendly, Success-Focused Discussion."

Everything You Need to Succeed

Solo Build It! includes the guidance, tools, processes and support that make the difference between just building a site, and building a successful business.

Start Today, Risk-Free

Unconditionally Guaranteed for 90 Days.

Updates, Upgrades, New Modules.
Free for All.

Solo Build It! continuously revises, updates, and adds features, modules, and invaluable business-building information to its system. You never have to back up, check for compatibility or do an install — we do that for you.

No need to wonder about this or that latest trend in the news. If it will make a difference to your business, it gets built into SBI!. Always updating, always free.

Many of SBI!'s new (and existing) features add unique site- and business-building ability that you will not find anywhere else. Improvements fall into two categories...

1) Quantum Leaps

A series of social media releases, anchored by Open Graph Tags, turn SBI! sites into social media powerhouses (no need for you to sweat over all the technical stuff).

The latest version of Brainstorm It!, v5, adds in traffic data so that you know which pages are not pulling their weight, which keywords give you the best opportunities to generate more traffic, and which keywords are the most likely to increase your income.

2) Steady Improvements

There are too many to include them all here. Examples include module additions to BlockBuilder, SBI!'s state-of-the-art sitebuilder that's considered by many to be the most easy-to-use sitebuilder available. More on Blockbuilder and Site Designer here.

Big or small, additions just appear, ready to go. No need to research or figure out compatibility, nor pay for them.

How Much Extra for All These New Business-Growing Modules?

Not a penny. All of the new features you see above are free, included in the all-in-one price of Solo Build It!.

And Solo Build It! is never "finished." It evolves constantly to...

  1. help you capitalize upon major new trends on the Internet
  2. make the ever-changing technological complexities of building a business online disappear.

That's why our members do better and better as the Web seems to become an increasingly complex place to build a successful business.

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